5 of the funniest YouTube dog videos

October 30, 2020 3 min read

5 of the funniest YouTube dog videos

Funny dog videos are one of the best ways to brighten your day. We keep going back to YouTube to satisfy our craving. As dog lovers, we simply can’t get enough of all these good boys and girls. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our favourites below for you to enjoy. We hope you like them!

1. Dog playing dead to avoid going home 



All dogs love the park. They get to meet new dogs, new people and sniff lots of new smells! So it came as no surprise that when this owner tried to leave the park, his Golden Retriever didn’t want to leave. Cue a video with nearly 10 million views of this owner trying to encourage his dog to follow him by taking his lead off and talking sternly to his pet. Eventually, the Goldie relents but not before the crowd gives both the owner and dog a big round of applause for an entertaining couple of minutes!


2. Ultimate dog tease - The maple kind


Who doesn’t want a dog that can talk right? We’ve all had one-sided conversations with our pets, believing (knowing!) that they understand but can’t quite work up the words to respond. This is a great video that has amassed over 400 000 views where the owner of a German-Shepherd mix is teasing him about the contents of a fridge and naming all his favourite meats while the dog gives him dramatic responses! The owner then even goes on to say he made a sandwich but then fed it to the cat! We hope the dog gets a sandwich soon too.


3. Puppy furious after ocean water destroys his sandcastle


Puppies are adorable, particularly Labrador pups! Now imagine bringing a puppy to the beach to experience their first taste of sand and sea. It’s truly adorable and so hilarious to watch a cute pupster try to figure out how waves work. In this video, over 12 000 people have laughed along as a puppy struggles to understand the waves washing in and, instead, barks at the water while it washes away a mound of sand he was digging! 


4. Beagle dog opens the fridge and eats pizza


Dogs will pretty much eat anything and it can be a constant battle to keep them away from food meant for humans as this family found out. With over 350 000 views, this little Beagle has been keeping the masses entertained with his pizza-eating antics. He’s figured out a way to open his owner's fridge and chow down on some leftovers! Check out the video to see how he managed it. 


5. Husky told to get down from the chair has a temper tantrum


Pets are like your kids and sometimes, dogs, just like your children, have temper tantrums if you try to get them to do something they don’t want to. Check out this video where a Siberian Husky just does not want to vacate his owners chair! He even glares as if to say “Really, you’re making me get down?”. Huskies are such expressive animals and this video really shows how funny some of their human tendencies are!


We hope you liked this selection of the funniest YouTube dog videos. If you have your own pet, start recording them while you’re playing with them, whether you're in the house or even just taking out them for a walk. You’ll soon have some golden material just like this! Who knows, maybe your dog could become the next viral sensation?

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