7 Great Gift ideas for Pet Lovers

October 28, 2020 3 min read

7 Great Gift ideas for Pet Lovers

Is your friend or loved one a pet lover? Are you looking forward to surprising them with a unique and impressive gift? Well, look no further! Here are 7 great gift ideas for pet lovers: 


1. Customized socks 

Customized socks

These socks come with the pet’s face on them, along with some added pet-related images like a dog chew bone, pet paws or even your friend’s face. You can find these at Lovimals' site which provides a wide range of awesome pet gifts. Their customizable pet socks have a soft suede feel making them incredibly comfortable. They are available in blue, green, red and pink. All you need to do is snap a photo of your friend’s pet and send it to Lovimals.  


2. Pet beds 

Pet beds

Your friend will be eternally grateful to you when you give their pet a comfy bed to sleep in. Pet beds come in assorted sizes and are crafted from various fabrics, including cotton and denim. You can also request your dealer to provide a pet bed in a particular style aligned to your friend’s taste, say, a vintage bed design. 


If knitting is your hobby, then you can take time to make a handwoven pet bed. Handcrafted gifts are very much appreciated as they are a show of creativity and great use of time and resources. 


3. Customized Pet tote bags 

Customized Pet tote bags

Customized pet tote bags make shopping an enjoyable experience for your female friends. A tote bag with the face of their pet is a lovely gift that reminds them of you each time they carry it around. It also attracts stranger’s attention, making them give the carrier admiring looks and nods of approval. 


4. Pet jewellery 


If your friend loves to look classy with jewellery or clothing accessories like belts, then how about getting them earrings, a bracelet or necklace with a pet ornament? For instance, a necklace with a cat face pendant looks quite adorable and stand out from other everyday jewellery. 


5. Pet puzzle 


Games that challenge intelligence and thought articulation include chess and puzzles. A pet puzzle, therefore, serves as a magnificent idea for a gift and a developmental tool. Bigger puzzles with tiny pieces make the game even more sophisticated. This keeps your friend mindfully engrossed and happy when then they complete the puzzle and see their favourite animal. 


6. Pet Food 


Simple animal food or treats are a thoughtful gift. You can accompany these with a pet bowl, or a customised jar for treats. 


7. Personalised pet kitchenware 

Personalised pet kitchenware

Pet kitchenware includes cups, glasses, plates, or kitchen towels with your friend’s favourite pet. You can also have a few words engraved on this kitchenware in a unique decorative style. Customized pet mugs from Lovimals have hand-drawn pet illustrations so your friend can show off their pet with a unique, hightailed personalised coffee mug. 


How about a magic mug adorned with a pet image? Very unique, right? Add hot liquid into the mug and watch the exterior transform from plain black to the pet’s image. 


These items have a wide range of prices so that you get to choose something favourable to your pocket. You can also pick out multiple gifts or customise them to the pet lover’s style. 


Whichever items you chose, Lovimals provides fully customized products that are as unique as their client’s pets. All you need to do is send us a picture of the specific pet and details on how you want a particular item customised. Our world-class team is dedicated to manufacturing durable items to the highest specifications, making the world more ‘pet-proud’.

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