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This is a personalized product, so it will take a 3-5 days to be made. Once despatched, you can expect your orders in 6-10 days for UK and international orders, and 3-5 days for US orders. For more information about our personalized products, hit 'learn more' below.

  • As animal-lovers we’re all about doing our bit for the planet, after all you don’t see our fellow creatures trashing the place like we do. That means plastic drinks bottles are a big no-no. So why not replace those single-use plastic types with this reusable, custom water bottle with your pets face on it?

    Our customized water bottles are stainless steel and doubled walled, which means hot drinks will stay hot for 12 hours and cold drinks will stay cold for 24 hours! Each of these bottles comes with a fabulously hand drawn version of your furry pal’s face on it, and will help you to reduce your plastic footprint. Celebrating your love for your pet while doing your bit for good old Mother Nature? Total no-brainer.

  • 17oz customizable water bottle

    The custom water bottle is made from Stainless Steel and is double wall insulated.

    The bottle will keep drinks cold for 24 hours and warm for 12 hours.
  • Customers can expect orders to arrive 9 - 12 working days after ordering.

    As this item is shipped from the US, it is liable for customs charges. Please check the policies of the country you are ordering to.

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