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Custom Pet Sleeping Mask


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This is a personalized product, so it will take a 3-5 days to be made.

Once despatched, you can expect your orders in 10-12 days for UK orders and international orders, and 3-5 days for US orders.

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  • Wearing an eye mask when you sleep adds an element of commitment to your slumber. A mere nap, nodding off, or enjoying 40 winks doesn’t merit an eye-mask. No, an eye mask is the domain of the truly dedicated sleeper.

    And now, to add a pet-proud element to sleep - and channel your furry pal’s gift for snoozing - we’ve come up with the greatest custom sleep mask design of all time. That’s right, it’s a sleep mask with your pet’s eyes on it! Clearly the picture you upload for this one needs to be taken of your pet, straight on. Then, once you’re sorted with one of those, go hard people, after this sleep will never be the same.

  • The custom pet sleep mask measures 3.75" x 9.5".

    They are made from a microfibre polyester.

    They are one size fits all.
  • Customers can expect orders to arrive 9 - 12 working days after ordering.

    As this item is shipped from the US, all orders are liable for customs charges. Please check the policies of the country you are ordering to.

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